Tattoo Cleansing Gel

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Original Balm Tattoo Cleansing Gel 100ml

Introducing our soap without soap. It will make all residue of ink or lymphatic liquids disappear from the tattooed area so quickly that even your magician friend will wonder how it’s done. 

  • Non- irritating, moisturising formula 
  • Gentle relief for fleshly tattooed, sore skin
  • Vegan / Tested on Humans

Combine it with one of our Balm Tattoo Aftercare Creams and get surprised how quickly and effortlessly your tattoos will heal. 

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Say no to ordinary and antibacterial soaps!

Here is why; 

Normal soaps and especially antibacterial soaps are too aggressive for freshly tattooed, irritated skin. They not only remove dirt and bacteria but also the protective layer naturally produced by your body during the healing process. This can slow down the healing process but may also cause additional irritation to the already sensitive skin. 

Balm Tattoo Cleansing Gel was created especially for sensitive tattooed skin, it combines moisturizing properties of glycerin with the power of Dexpanthenol (5%) and Sepitonic M3 – Copper, Zinc, Magnesium complex.

The high content of Dexpanthenol (5%) soothes itching, moisturises and supports faster healing

Sepitonic M3 Complex – Copper, Zinc, Magnesium accelerate cell metabolism by 34% and increase the effectiveness of other active ingredients, e.g. dexpanthenol.

Use Balm Tattoo Cleansing Gel in combination with one of our Balm Tattoo Healing Creams for the accelerated healing process and minimised the risk of infection.

Tattoo Aftercare in Two Stages; 

  • Wash the tattoo with warm water and a Balm Tattoo gel
  • Apply one of Balm Tattoo Aftercare Creams for easier and faster healing


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